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I began my Kyokushin karate journey in 1987 in Hungary with Shihan Josef Borza and joined the Hungarian Army in 1997, fulfilling my childhood dream, and pursued my education at the Zrinyi Miklos National Defence University at Budapest. I studied Kyokushin fighting with military self defence & weapons under Major General (shihan) Furko I was also awarded the title of “Sport Officer”, due to my sporting achievements. During Hungary’s joining NATO, I was the only woman represent my country in a special joint exercise weapon demonstration to the NATO commanders and to the public. I was required to demonstrate my self-

I would like to introduce myself, Melinda Baksi, a Kyokushinkai black belt instructor. I moved to Port Macquarie three years ago with my husband and my son, following in my parents’ footsteps. My husband graduated as a Nuclear Physicist and holds a 6th kyu (yellow belt) grade, and my son is in year 8 and holds an 8th kyu (blue belt) grade as a vision impaired child. Alongside training and continuing to pursue the ideals of Kyokushin karate as a lifelong commitment, I am excited to teach the children in our community in an effort to share the many benefits of physical and mental training that my family and I have been fortunate enough to experience and value.

The Kyokushin philosophy is based on the rigid discipline of the practitioner’s acts, on the understanding of the limitations of companions and opponents, on the respect to parents and superiors, and on the loyalty to its ideals. The practitioner of Kyokushin must not measure efforts to improve him/herself and must not compare him/herself with the less favoured to justify his/her failings. He/she must not only know, but also practice all his/her knowledge.

On behalf of the Kyokushin Karate Port Macquarie Dojo, I would sincerely like to thank to PORT MACQUARIE TACKING POINT LIONS CLUB for the sponsorship they provide Thanks to the generous support of our students, so children are able to attend Australian National Championships. We sincerely hope that this association will be maintained and PORT MACQUARIE TACKING POINT LIONS CLUB will continue to support us in our future endeavors. See more
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Dear Parents & Students/ Caregivers
We hope you all had a fantastic break over the holidays and areexcited to get back to training.
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