Kyokushinkai Karate Port Macquarie
Frequently Asked Questions
My child is being bullied. Can you help with that, without teaching to be violent?
As a martial artist you discover an inner strength and, as mentioned earlier, a confidence that gives a different aura to the martial arts individual. Bullies prey on those weaker than themselves, either in stature or confidence; by creating self-assurance in your child and adding to that, the knowledge they are able to protect themselves if they were ever put into a dangerous position.
Does my child have to spar?
No that is the parent’s choice. No child is allowed to do sparring until they have learnt sufficient skill in order to be able to defend him/herself. Our prime concern is safety and keeping the child confident so we assess each child (not the class) as to their ability level.
I have a little girl, aren’t martial arts are more for boys?
NO! Some of our best champions and our most dedicated students are girls; the beauty about Karate is it is a level playing field. There is nothing that is taught in our classes that cannot be attained by both girls and boys.
What age can my child start at Kyokushon Karate Port Macquarie Dojo?
Children can start with our school as young as 4 yrs by themselves in a class (Age 3-5 yrs Class), or Karate or any of the other disciplines 6yrs & above.
My child is very shy. Can Karate help?
The very concept behind martial arts is to build confidence. This is not brought with you into the school necessarily it is instilled into the child (or adult) through training.
What should I wear?
Until you acquire the Gi (Karate Uniform) feel free to wear loose comfortable active wear. Footwear is unnecessary as we train barefoot. Jewellery and eye-glasses should be taken off prior to training to avoid any injury.ked
What about my level of fitness?
You do not need to have a base level of fitness to start training Karate. We encourage students to train at their pace and you will slowly notice your fitness increase the more you train.
Do I automatically get signed up to a membership once the trial period ends?
The trial period is an opportunity to see if both you and the club are a right fit for each other. We want to have happy clients who are committed to the values and the ethos we abide by. After the trial period, you will be invited to a quick meeting to see how you would like to proceed. Frequently Asked Questions Do I pay anything during the 2 weeks free Trial Classes? NO! Trial Classes are free. Please sign up using our Trial forms.
How can I prepare for class?
Not eating for at least an hour is recommended and please drink plenty of water during the class to avoid dehydration.
Who will be taking the classes?
Classes are always supervised and run by Sensei Melinda. She is a qualified teacher with 33 years training and teaching experience.
What days and times are your classes?
Please kindly check our timetable for more information.