Kyokushinkai Karate Port Macquarie

Senpai Mark Long 2nd Dan - Assistant Instructor
Senpai Mark is from a small town called Young in Australia and he moved to Port Macquarie in 2013, however, Mark lives in Taree since 2014. He began his Kyokushin karate journey in 1990 in Young with Sensei David Craigie. Mark achieved his Sho Dan (first black belt degree) in 2000 and his Ni Dan (Second black belt degree) in 2002 completing his Fifty Man Kumite (Fight) during his grading under Hanshi Howard Lipman at KIMMA. Senpai Mark trained with many great teachers, Shihan Judd Reid, Sensei Gary Dellest to name a few. Senpai Mark was a member of the National Championship team winning several tournaments:
2001 QLD State Championship - 1st Place
2001 Australian National Championship - 1st Place
2002 QLD State Championship - 1st Place
2002 Australian National Championship - 1st Place
2003 All Japan Tournament - Tokyo, Japan
2003 Seminar - Tokyo, Japan
2003 Australian National Championship - 3rd Place
2004 New Zealand National Championship - 2nd Place
2004 NZ National Championship - Most Spirited Fighter
2004 Australian National Championship - 2nd Place
2008 UchiDeshi - Shihan Reid Thailand Gasshuku
Senpai Mark's diverse background brings new energy and perspective into our dojo. His extended teaching and fighting experience will make our dojo richer and more vibrant.

Peter Kowalik 4th Kyu - Assistant Instructor
Senpai Peter is the husband of Sensei Mel and he started Kyokushin Karate in 2014 when his son showed an interest in learning karate. His passion is for traditional “kata” and the real-world applications of “bunkai” for practical self-defence. Peter graduated as a Nuclear Physicist and speaks fluently German, Polish, English, Russian basic Latin. He is an avid runner with a few sub-10 marathons, he participates in several running festivals.
Peter regularly attends international karate seminars, tournaments, camps and have been trained by the highest levels of instructors from all corners of the Kyokushin World. He enjoys all aspects of Kyokushin karate and have particular interest in kata - bunkai and the richness of the Japanese culture. Peter also had the privilege of attending our founder’s memorial ceremony at Mount Mitsumine Training Camp.
If you look around in our dojo, everything was built by Senpai Peter. He is an asset to our dojo and it is not just his hobby, but it is his life.